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The image shows a child reading a book. The message is there is no age to learn how to live a better and happier life.

Thanks for visiting the About page of lifestyle blog, Better Life Info. The blog is full of fabulous information on a range of topics that would help its visitors enhance their lives.

Let me also thank the Most Beneficent and Merciful God, who is the mastermind behind all things good including this blog. I believe that God alone has created us all and is worthy of all our worship and praises. As God has created us each one of us with special qualities, I also believe that “All Lives Matter”.

My name is Rehan Kazi (real name: Mohammed Farooque Kazi), and I am a 1992 graduate of the Mumbai University.

I edit news online to support my family, which includes my parents, wife and son. I also work as a writer on Fiverr and other freelancing platforms.

Here is a link to what I offer on Fiverr: My Profile on Fiverr

I am essentially a creative person who loves all the good things of life including lifestyle blogging. I love to share knowledge and whatever good I read with others which has led me to create this blog.

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