Learn from these homeless men to be happy during Covid-19

Learn from these homeless men to be happy during Covid-19
Having no fixed address, their living quarter consists of whatever building site they happen to be working on at the moment.

A homeless man can teach people with little money how well to use whatever God has blessed them with, instead of feeling miserable or grumbling. Many people have become jobless during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, people are now having not much money to fulfill even their basic needs like food and clothing. But, my advise to such people would be don’t worry. Better days are coming. Meanwhile, learn to make the most of whatever you have got and please stop grumbling as it won’t help much.

A homeless man is defined as a man without a home or no fixed address. He is often looked down by society. There are countless news in which a homeless man was either killed, found dead or arrested for the murder of somebody.

But, I am proud to say that even such people can contribute to society. A homeless man is among those employed as masons when your beautiful homes are being built.

In this article, I am sharing a recipe that two homeless men who work as masons make with whatever money they have earned in the day. These construction workers can teach people who are broke how well to use their scant resources and thank God for all His blessings. The article just reminded me of the famous song ‘Another Day in Paradise’ by Phil Collins.

The recipe of the Indian Kadhi, which is traditionally made from gram flour (besan) and curd (dahi). But, these poor men are money wise. The two laborers, Dharmender and Vinod, both in their mid-30s, make Kadhi without dahi.

Read more for the recipe: https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/delhi-news/delhiwale-a-working-man-s-comfort-food-101627498940984.html

Here is the song which I used to hear when I was young and still love to listen

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