The master key to success: Neverrr giving up on yourself

The photo shows a chess board with a king who has won against all odds

Everyone wants to succeed, despite of all the hurdles that come in our way. But, which is the key that finally opens the door to success. I believe that the key is never giving up on yourself, in spite of all the wrong cards you might have got when you sat down to play this game called life.

No I am not asking you to play recklessly without calculating the risks that lie in your way. I am just advising you as a friend to believe in yourself and develop that internal strength called resilience to come what may.

Resilience is as important as tech, and other know-how

Many people today may think that knowledge is a top key to success. And that I agree is true. But, I believe that it is resilience that has helped many become top business people and masters in their fields, including that of technology. In fact, resilience is something that is just as important as tech know-how.

Finally, it may be the only thing required for you to move towards a better life, even after all the bad things that might have happened with you so far.

You may think why I have selected a chessboard as my featured image. Well let me tell you the story behind it. One year ago, my 11-year-old son, Ibrahim Kazi, started playing chess. Ibrahim lost a lot initially as happens in all sports and games, but he did not give up. He finally learned it from our neighbor’s son and practiced it day and night. Ibrahim has now won the expert level on our cellphone and is teaching me the game today. That is what I call resilience, which is as important as knowledge to succeed in everything you do.

Resilience is key to success in life, and other battles

There is a popular American English proverb that says,

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

The proverb means that when life brings you challenges, strong people don’t just sit there doing nothing. They rises to the challenges and face them bravely, and are always successful provided they are resilient.

Resilience is the power that the One Almighty God has given to a sapling that tears through the earth into a plant and one day into a tree.

The story of King Bruce and the spider is well known. After the English repeatedly defeated his armies, the famed King of Scots was forced into hiding. Legend has it that when Robert’s spirits were broken, he took refuge in a cave. Sitting in the cave, he noticed a small spider attempting to weave a web. The spider tried and failed over and over. Each time the spider fell, it climbed back up to try again. Finally, the spider’s silk took hold, and the spider managed to spin a web.

The lesson he learned from the spider prompted the King to go back and defeat his enemies. He was victorious against the King of England in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. This triumph ultimately turned the tides towards later winning the independence of Scotland in 1328. 

In fact, resilience is a key to success in all battles, including that of life. I can say this because life has been a roller-coaster ride for me as I have seen many ups and downs. But, the gracious God has blessed me with this internal strength which has helped me rise again and again. Praise the Lord.

Finally, I wish you a good day and a bright future.

Your blogging friend

Rehan Kazi

And finally here is a video in which we can learn the meaning of resilience through children in class

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