Gratitude the key to a better and happier life

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We should appreciate all the things that the Beneficent and Merciful God has blessed us with. But sometimes we forget the importance or value of the simple everyday things in our lives. When in fact all things, big or small, seem to be significant when we actually need them. The solution is to be grateful for whatever we have, as gratitude will bring abundance in our lives. It will also help you live a better and happier life.

25 things to express gratitude to God for

The above lines have been inspired by an article from a follower of my blog Towards A Better Life. You will find 25 things to thank God for, in the article given at the end of this post. Because the more we are grateful for, the more we receive His blessings to live a better and happier life.

Just as I was reading the article, my niece brought me a cup of refreshing tea. While drinking the tea, I felt it was another thing to be grateful for. In fact, there are countless other things that we will get tired of if we thank God for them, but He will never get tired blessing us with them.

Praise the Lord

Being a Muslim, I have been asked to expess gratitude by saying a special word, Alhamdolillah (Praise the Lord) in all times, good or bad. Because, saying the word shows that we are patient, if we are thankful God even in our bad times. What’s more? God blesses us more when we are grateful for what he has blessed us with, and praise Him in our good times.

The Thank You note in the picture is one we should send God daily from the depth of our hearts if we really want to live a better and happier life. It is also to express gratitude to Him for sending such amazing visitors like you to my blog.

The inspiring article

Here is the article that inspired this post:

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post inside of your beautiful post. It is great to read about you finding joy in being grateful. Have you ever noticed how much fun it is to find your joy, share it with someone else and then watch them light up with His joy? Again, thank you for your post. Blessings and honor, Christine C Sponsler

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