Self love is important for a better and happier life

The image shows a cosy corner of your home where you can be comfortable with your own self. Self-love and time for yourself are the best gifts you can give yourself.

A person should always strive to make his/her relationship with our Creator, whom we all call God, the best one. You can do this by believing in the Creator and always being grateful to Him and seeking His forgiveness. But, after that you should love yourself and be your own best friend.

Don’t mistake self love for selfishness

I am not asking you to be selfish by what I have said above. In fact, you should look at self-care and self-love as necessary for a better and happier life. Only a best friend would try to help you deal with all the troubles of life. Best friends can predict each other’s moods as they know each other inside and out. You can do the same, as your own best friend.

Moreover, a best friend always try to help you evolve as a better person so that you can deal with whatever face in life. The more you learn to become a better person, the better you will be able to deal with anything that comes your way in life.

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Self Love is key to a better and happier life

I had coined a quote centered around self love when I was a child. That quote says that you should love yourself if you don’t want to feel alone. It sets you free from the pain of the feeling that no one loves or cares for you, because you know that there is someone close to you who is your best friend. And that person is you and no one else. Being comfortable with your own self is the best way to look and feel cool when your are in a crowd.

Here is a video that will show you how you can be your own best friend.

Self-love is often mistaken for selfishness, but that is not what it is. In fact, loving and respecting yourself and others is important, especially in relationships. Self-love is when a person has high regard for his or her own well-being and happiness. It means looking after your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others.

Spend quality time with yourself

Spending quality time with yourself doing the things you like, but does not hurt anyone’s feelings, is better than trying to please others. It can also improve your relationship with others, and you are no more dependent on others to fulfill your emotional needs. Spending quality time with yourself doing the things you without hurting the feelings of others is important because other it would become selfishness.

I am a grown up man now, but when I was small, I was the only child of my parents. But even then I had the understanding that self-love is important if you don’t want to feel alone. Although I had friends in school and my neighborhood with whom I played, I was a happy child even doing things like drawing a beautiful painting. I had various interests and hobbies like reading a book, drawing and painting, gardening and cooking because of which I never felt alone. What I want to say here is that we should all develop our own interests and hobbies through which we can spend time happily even alone, and that spending quality time with yourself is all about.

Imagine yourself in the picture attached with this article. Just place yourself on that swing in a beautiful garden surrounded by no one but green plants for company. Listening to some good relaxing music and reading a book or magazine. You may even draw a painting or do something else that you like all by yourself in the garden. Now, what do you think is better? Spending quality time with yourself or trying to please someone who does not care about you?

If you are comfortable in your own company, you will never feel lonely even in a crowd or at a party full of strangers.

Self-love is essential for a good and lasting relationship

A good relationship needs two people who love and respect each other and yourself. Self-love is important in a relationship too, for it to be successful and last forever. Because if you don’t love and stand up for yourself you will take many abuses, disrespect and even violence from the other person, until one day you cannot take the shit anymore and end the relationship. If you don’t love and respect yourself, you will chase after people your entire life and remain alone with a lot of frustration and disappointment.

According to relationship experts, domestic violence happens and goes on increasing in a relationship because one of the person involved in that relationship has little to no self-esteem. The cases of domestic violence are increasing day by day just because of this. Some people wrongly think that healthy self-esteem is selfishness. A person who has a healthy self-esteem would be realistic and love themselves the way they are. He/she would also want the other person to accept them as they are.

Selfishness is when a person is self-obsessed and cares only about themselves and what pleases them with no regard for what the other person likes or is pleased with.

I hope that now you understand that self-love is not selfishness. In fact, it is important for you to live your life with dignity.

Self-love is also key to self-development

Self-love is also key to self-development, because only when you love and care about yourself enough will you learn a thing to build your future and enhance the quality of your life. When you love yourself, you are your own best friend and want to evolve as a person which leads to a better and more enjoyable life. Only a person who loves him/herself would move forward in life even after a lot of hurdles and challenges.

Books on Amazon that will help you become your best friend

How to Be Your Own Best Friend by Dr. Paul Hauck

Self love is important for a better and  happier life

How To Be Your Own Best Friend tells readers that a healthy amount of self-interest is necessary for one to grow. It reiterates that no one is perfect and one should not sweat the minor things. Instead, this book explains to readers that they should be optimistic and accept themselves wholeheartedly.

This self-help book covers chapters like the Art of Enlightened Self-Interest, Cultivating social skills and friendships, Holding one’s head high, Learning to be more assertive, Controlling oneself in a bad situation, and others. The author states that very often, people are their own worst enemies, and this attitude can be changed. Written by Dr Paul Hauck, This new edition was released in 2005 by Orient Paperbacks. It is available as a paperback.

Key Features:

  • The book provides practical methods on how one can recognise one’s self worth.
  • The author has used his personal experiences to give advice to his readers

Customer Reviews:

Jaspal Saran: A very good book from Dr. Paul. Most of its sections are eye-openers and are able to bring about a very good change in you (provided you pay heed to the tips and advice given by Dr. Hauck). Highly recommended for self help books readers.

Kiran: Oh God! I have no words to describe how much this book has helped me in realizing the importance of being your own best friend! Thank You Dr.Paul Hauck! U have just helped a lot of people through this book! I would like to meet this doc in real and thank him! Dont think. Just buy it! it’s worth a ton times reading!

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